Four-wheel low-speed passenger vehicle

PACK products
1. Serialization: covering 3 kWh to 10 kWh series.
2. Miniaturization: PACK design is 20%-40% smaller than similar products.
3. High security: high-speed vehicle-grade module, system, and thermal management-grade BMS design.

New energy commercial vehicle

PACK products
1. Platform products, special labels for pure electric buses Quasi-battery box, 1,000 kilometers of battery life under standard road conditions.
2. High product safety: standardized 355 modules, liquid cooling system. 

3. Chika hybrid products, continuous 3C discharge, peak value 5C.  2C fast charge at room temperature.
Two-Wheel/Three- Wheel Products

PACK products
1. Serialization: covering 4820/4830/6020/6030/6050 series. 
2. Quality assurance: more than 2000 weeks, 3-6 years calendar life warranty.

3. The standardized external dimensions and flexible installation conditions are easy to use the residual value cascade.

Energy Storage Products

PACK products
1. Serialization: Covers serialized products such as 4860/48100/48200.
2. Modularity: The modular design of the product is more conducive to the arrangement and installation in the energy storage cabinet.

3. Support high rate frequency modulation charge and discharge.

GV Car, Electric forklift Mobile Power...