※  May. 2018 Entering New Energy Vehicle

※  Nov. 2017 Entering India OEM

※  Jun. 2017 Entering India OEM

※  Feb. 2017 Entering European OEM

※  Feb. 2016 Host Global Internet New Energy Vehicle Maker platform Entering the mainland China market

※  Oct. 2015 Become Shenzhen Busbar Strategic partner. Entering the European and American markets. Invest Shenzhen Landworld

※  Oct. 2014 Obtained qualified suppliers and orders for Chengyun Passenger and Yuanrui Battery

※  Apr. 2014 Acquired ITRI and HITEC vendor code and orders. Focus: new energy vehicle field

※  Oct. 2013 Company changed to a company limited by shares Positioning: International trade and materials components supplier

※  Jun. 2011 Acquired LG Electronics OEM vendor code and orders

※  Oct. 2010 Acquired Samsung Electronics OEM vendor code and Energy Technology and ARTC vendor code and orders. 

※  Jul. 2009  DistributorLS photoelectric industry products

※  Aug. 2002 Founded : International Trade and System Service Provider